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Norm & the Kawabusa 2

For this "special" I started with a super clean 2003 ZRX1200R with only 4,300 miles on it, and fitted the complete engine, wheels, brakes, inverted forks, mono shock and swingarm, wiring harness, and ECU off a 2005 Hayabusa GSX1300R with only 2,500 miles.

On the original Kawabusa, the injectors came very close to the underside of the tank, so I had to cut a section out for an airbox, which lost tank volume. So on this one I built a set of intake manifolds, and turned the injectors down into a more conventional carb position, which also enabled the fitting of a set of bell mouths ( velocity stacks ).

Carbon front fender is Coerse ( only available in Japan ), and rear carbon hugger is from Pyramid ( England ) . The gauges/instruments were from an 02 European GSX1400 ( similar to Bandit, but with the addition of a fuel injection light ), and the headlight unit is from an 04 Suzuki Bandit. Handlebars are Renthal "low bars", and all brake lines are BF Goodrich braided stainless. Oil cooler is from an 05 GSXR1000, as is the complete tail section ( removed from a brand new bike to replace with a racing unit ). Tires are Dunlop Qualifiers ( 200 on the rear ). The header is hand fabricated polished stainless, and the cans are Yoshimura carbon, originally designed for a ZX14 ( ZZR1400 ). Bike is fitted a Power Commander USB.

I built this bike because I love the power of the Hayabusa, and the upright riding position of the ZRX, and it sure is a blast to ride !!!!!!!


......... Forum Chat


'I just wanted to tell you that your bike looks AWSOME ! keep up the good work'
......... Thanks Rich, always appreciated........ Norm.

'From Brittany, France. Hey guy, I've been around bikes a looooong time now, but this has to be one of the most stunning and well put together bikes I've seen, congratulations, fantastic job.'
.......... Thanks, living in France, I know you've seen a lot of custom work. I'm originally from England myself, and took many trips to France, and was ALWAYS impressed with the standard of custom work there. So I REALLY appreciate your compliments... Thanks again, Norm.

'Your work is absolutly the best i have seen!!! I dont know why guys like you don't get as much attention as the chopper dudes... It is beond me............... Neill'
......... Hi Neill, thanks for the compliments !......Norm.

'I absolutely love your bike. I read about the orginal and met you at Barber in '06. Your story behind it was incredible. Best Regards- Kirk'
........ Thanks Kirk, I really appreciate it ! See you at Barber next year........Norm.

'I don't mean to waste your time, but as an '02 ZRex owner and lover, I just wanted to tell you that you don't miss a beat. You do an absolutely top notch professional job with every detail on your bikes. You have obviously taken no shortcuts on any of the fabrications needed to create the two Kawabusas. I've seen pictures of your first Kawabusa and was excited to see the 2nd one. I only wish Kawasaki would get their heads out of their butts and realize there is a market for these naked bikes or standards in the U.S. Sometimes I think the Europeans really know what motorcycling is about. Anyway, I'll get off my soap box now. And again....job well done! Todd'
......... Thanks for your comments Todd,I really appreciate it..... Oh, and the Europeans have just been doing it longer, that's all !......Norm.

'INSANE!!! I LOVE IT!! Im on my 2nd "regular" REX, and this thing makes it look timid...(tail between legs)'
......... Well thanks, I really appreciate your enthusistic opinion, but they didn't make a REX in a "regular", even a stocker is one of the best bikes ever built !...... Thanks again, Norm.

'I thought I'd drop a quick line commenting on your work. Your eye for design is quite good, and I wanted to compliment you on both projects! Your first ZRX (the green one) is exactly the direction Kawasaki would have to go in to develop the ZRX - if they hadn't killed it. I think them the most attractive of bikes, and just bought a '99 ZRX. I would have to say that you've even made the model more attractive, as difficult as that may be. Maybe kick Kaw's ass with some new designs - I can't believe there's no market for these bikes in North America! Dale'
......... Thanks Dale, I agree with you 100%. I too cannot believe there is not a market for these bike's in the US ( you can still buy an 07 ZRX in Europe ! ) The other thing that annoys me, is that whenever the factory's build a naked bike, they usually take the engine from one of their "sports bikes" and DE-TUNE it ! What's THAT about ? Do they think that when you're sitting upright we can't handle the power ? I'm also a lover of the Suzuki Bandit, and got well exited when they told us the new one was comin', punched out to 1250, water cooled, six speed trans, electronic FI, etc, etc., But what did they send us ? a POS that ain't no faster than the original ! So that's just the thinking behind the Kawabusa's, It's what the factory's SHOULD be building ! But thats just MY opinion ! I could be wrong ! Enjoy the Rex Dale, you'll love it........ Norm.

'I am a ZRX loyalist, and have to tell you that your Busa powered mutants are the sickest rides on the street. You are an absolute genius..'
......... Thanks...... Norm.

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