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Kawabusa - Suzuki Powered ZRX

Suzuki tach in Kawabusa

Look at the photos, then look again. That's a Kawasaki ZRX, right? Or is it? In the tradition of Tritons and Norvins, what we have here is a Kawabusa, a Suzuki Hayabusa engine in a Kawasaki ZRX. I like this!

I've wondered for a long time why more guys weren't doing something like this with modern bikes and it looks like Norm Wilding was wondering, too. Norm owns Mid Missouri Motorcycles in Columbia, MO. He's a transplanted Englishman who grew up outside London building not only Tritons but a whole lot more and he has a number of awards and magazine features to his credit.

Norm took one of the extremely popular Hayabusa engines and slipped it into a Kawasaki ZRX in such a clean and professional installation it's hard to notice. He's mulling the idea of building these for customers, and if he does, I bet he has a booming business. Hayabusa power in a standard motorcycle, Kawabusa, Dude! I REALLY like this!

Kawabusa - Hayabusa powered ZRX

The Kawabusa gets to meet Rickey Gadson - Six time AMA/Prostar Champion

'............I saw this bike in Daytona and was simply amazed'
- Rickey Gadson

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